Working group : Accompaniment of perpetrators of childhood maltreatment

This module will focus on developing practice to accompany perpetrators of childhood maltreatment in the process of identity reconstruction and social reintegration. It is to be mentioned here that perpetrators can be adults but also young people. The first will help to develop awareness in adults-educators of the impact of their behaviors on the well-being of children, that is developing conscious parenting (and conscious teaching). More precisely, it will help in the identification of situations at risk, the development of a training course for parents who have been victims, so that they can become aware of their wounds and not repeat the same practices, thus breaking the vicious circle of violence.

Healthy parenting models enable to avoid that potential predators pass to act. Improvement of the care of juvenile sex offenders in prison through the development of collaboration strategies between public and private social services and structures involved in the management of the phenomenon can also be a fruitful strategy. We will also present data enabling to promote prevention of relapse for perpetuators, by different actions including :
  • The diffusion of good practices about risk assessment procedure to apply in penitentiaries, that will help find individualized strategies designed to manage/rehabilitate offenders.
  • The prevention of re-offending through the diffusion of a perpetrator international treatment protocol. 
  • The promotion of training courses (for penitentiary professionals) shaped around the "behavioural" approach and focused on the protocol, with the aim of reducing stigma and prejudice towards the offenders, increasing awareness and consciousness, spread the use of the assessment and treatment protocols.