Sandrine Batalla

I am a French magistrate and currently president of the “tribunal judiciaire” of Belfort. Before that, I have held various positions which have allowed me to approach the question of childhood maltreatment. I have served as "juge des enfants" competent in the French civil law when a situation of danger regarding a child is identified.  As "juge d'application des peines" I was in charge of the post sentencial monitoring of the convicts. As "juge d'instruction" I supervised criminal enquiries, questioned the suspects but as well heard the victims and investigated on the consequences and impact of the abuse. I could, as well, aprehend the potential load of these procedures for the victims. Finally, preceding my actual  position, I  headed  the family chamber of the “tribunal judiciaire de Mulhouse”, dealing mostly with divorce and separation cases but as well with adoption and all litigations involving parental rights.  I have , during those  years, taken the measure of the impact of acute parental conflict on the well-being and the development of children.