Orazio Moscatello

Civil lawyer. Expert in children and family law. Member of the Minors Commission of the Bar Association of Bari. Partner of the Meter Onlus Association, which has been committing to the fight against paedophilia for years. Member of the International Commission for the Promotion of the Wellbeing and the Protection of Minors of the Focolare Movement since 2014 and Coordinator of the Commission since 2020. The Commission, made up of experts in various disciplines from different countries and coordinated by attorney Orazio Moscatello, was created to provide those who work with minors with the training they need to carry out their activities effectively and competently, so as to prevent all forms of child abuse. 

Indeed, since 2014 a group of experts from the International Commission has been working on the draft of the 'Guidelines for the Promotion of the Wellbeing and Protection of Minors'. The guidelines contain both crucial orientation for organizers of training courses on subjects related to the protection of minors, and transparent procedures regarding abuse reporting and management, with a special emphasis on the acknowledgement and accompanying of victims, as well as perpetrators. 

Since 2014, the Commission has also been encouraging the establishment of national commissions, which have now reached around 14,000 participants – all highly trained. 

In 2019, the Commission also published a book entitled 'Safeguarding Childhood', which has been translated into several languages and is the result of considerable advances in the educational field. The book is easy to read and designed to be a work and study tool for educators in the broad sense - teachers, pastoral workers, sports coaches, parents, associations - with the aim of promoting good practices and disseminating educational paradigms that foster the integral growth of minors.  

Lastly, in recent years, the Commission, coordinated by attorney Orazio Moscatello, has been collaborating with organisations and associations engaged in the fight against paedophilia, through the preparation of courses and conferences designed for educators, teachers, parents, and those generally engaged in activities with minors in various capacities.