Jean-Luc Martinot

Director of research at INSERM, child and adolescent psychiatrist. A pioneer in brain imaging research on mental illness in France and Europe, he leads the INSERM U1299 "Developmental trajectories & Psychiatry" within the Mathematics center at Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay.

His research highlights the vulnerability of neuro-affective systems in early adolescence, and fueled the rationale to stratify the age of protection in a law adopted by the French parliament

His neuroimaging research has revealed brain alterations during depressive or anxious states and schizophrenia, and the early brain damage of addictions. He has also investigated psychopharmacological or brain stimulation treatments on their clinical and brain targets.

He coordinates a translational ERANET-Neuron consortium in the EU and Canada on new neurocognitive targets for early intervention in adolescents. Recently, his research suggested protective factors.