Antonine Nicoglou

I am an associate professor in history and philosophy of science at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tours and a member of UMR 1253 (IBrain), where I am the historian and philosopher within a Team of clinicians and neurobiologists led by Catherine Belzung. I am coordinating a university degree in ethics for health care professionals. I am also an associate member of the Institute of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and of the Institute “The Person in Medicine”, both in Paris. In the Unesco chair, I would coordinate a formation both in ethics and epistemology that will address the main ethical issues and the epistemological dimension, history of philosophy and philosophical reflections on children maltreatment: the issue of education and the difficulties in “agreeing” on a single model of education for children; the conceptual differences between notions of “violence against children,” “children maltreatment,” “children abuse,” “children neglect” and also, beyond notions, the different forms of violence against children and of their potential origins).